Our Mission
Solving the Web3 Trifecta Dilemma
Ushering billions of users into the realm of Web3 by empowering individuals to effortlessly manage their decentralized accounts
Our Products
Smart Contract Wallet
UniPass is not just a wallet. It is a comprehensive self-custody stablecoin payment solution tailored for Freelancers, Remote Workers, Gig Workers and Business Owners. It enables users to manage, transfer, purchase, and store stablecoins with utmost confidence and efficiency in the UniPass wallet. Safety is also paramount at UniPass. Our contracts have been meticulously audited by multiple top-notch security firms, such as BlockSec, Slowmist, Secure3 & Salus Security. Users can be confident in the security and reliability of our app, knowing that their crypto assets are safeguarded by cutting-edge security standards.
Hardware Wallet
Keystone surpasses all other hardware wallets in both user-friendliness and security. Featuring a 4-inch touchscreen, Keystone offers unparalleled ease of use, while its compatibility with top-tier wallets such as MetaMask through QR code ensures maximum convenience and flexibility. With Keystone, you can rest assured that your digital assets are always safe and easily accessible.
Our Team
Lixin Liu
Frank Lou
Aaron Chen
John Zhang
Chief Scientist
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